Account Development Manager

Account Development Manager

Job Description: Account Development Manager

Code (1285)

Develop his business portfolio (geographical or segmentation, etc)  through the sales of offers (product/service/solution) to Customer (Direct, Indirect, Professional  End User, Dealer, Fleets, OE maker)


Account Management

  • Gathers information from the customer to understand their needs  and detailed requirements.
  • Oversees monitoring of relationships including lessons learned and appropriate feedback (close the loop).
  • Develops/generates  new leads by monitoring trends, conducting research, identifying opportunities, cold calling and making appointments.
  • Educates and develops rapport with internal and external customers, promoting partnerships, seeking feedback and proactively addressing customer needs and requests.
  • Expands customer buying centers and use cases, while leading the customer account planning cycle and ensuring that all customer needs and expectations are met.
  • Develops communication and training programs to inform sales and marketing teams of new product launches and changes in organizational strategy.
  • Develops processes and procedures to optimize account management efforts and ensure sales goals are achieved.
  • Monitoring of the credit of the customer following the policy of the company.

Opportunity Management

  • Develops sales action plans for targeting leads, converting them into sales.
  • Manages own territory by allocating time and resources.
  • Develops and maintains mid-term territory plans.
  • Gathers and disseminates competitor market intelligence.
  • Maintains and updates customer target list.
  • Participates in strategic lead generation and development of target markets.
  • Identifies new, profitable business potential in specific markets.
  • Monitors partnership arrangements to ensure that the objectives of the partnership remain on target.
  • Influences various partnerships to meet multiple goals.
  • Analyzes complex information, identifies patterns and implications; understands that the root cause of an issue may initially appear to be unrelated to the issue.

Product, Service & Industry Knowledge

  • Pitches own organization against competition in generic terms.
  • Identifies related industries that may have an impact on own industry
  • Matches product knowledge to the implicit needs of the customer.
  • Troubleshoots product related problems.


  • Reaches mutually acceptable solutions in straightforward, formal negotiations with internal or external stakeholders (e.g., negotiates with external contractors on straightforward service delivery; negotiates with other departments on cost sharing).
  • Selects an approach to negotiation based on an understanding of each party’s interests and priorities.

Customer Value Management

  • Develops and executes channel and customer promotions/programs that leverage national brand ideas/thinking and consumer insights to drive increased consumer preference and customer activity.
  • Works with sales strategy and planning partners to ensure forecast accuracy, maximization of opportunities and development of plans to deliver against organization’s objectives.
  • Identifies business opportunities based on knowledge of clients, markets, products and services.
  • Coordinates planning activities with other functions and stakeholders within the organization.


1 2 3 4 5
    X     Customer Service Relationship
      X   Account Management
    X     Opportunity Management
    X     Time and Territory Management
  X       Sales Planning
    X     Business Partnering
  X       Industry Knowledge
  x       Negotiating
    X     Product & Service and Technical Knowledge
    x     Customer Value Management
1 2 3 4 5  
  X       Impact and Influence
  X       Networking
  x       Resilience
    x     Teamwork
  x        Working with autonomy