Chemicals & Fertilizer

The division encompasses Sales of Chemicals & Fertilizer Products. These operations are strategically integrated to generate synergy and facilitate expansion in fertilizer production and the agrichemical sector.

Fertilizer Department

The Division has Fertilizer department that manages Toyota Tsusho Fertilizer Africa Limited, a fertilizer plant in Eldoret (food basket area in Kenya), to produce crop and soil specific balanced nutrition fertilizer with an aim of improving agricultural productivity and farmer’s income.

Chemicals Department

chemicalsChemicals department possess a strong global network to source value added chemical products through Toyota Tsusho chemical value chain.
Currently we distribute Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) that is characterized with high diffusion and high permeability.


SAP is a critical component for the hygiene industry where it is used in both diapers and sanitary pants. Our SAP is manufactured by SDP-Global which is a joint venture by Toyota Tsusho Corporation with a commanding significant market share globally.