Machinery & Energy Projects

The Division consists of:

  • Projects Department
  • Business Development Department

Projects Department

Projects Department provides local support to Toyota Tsusho Corporation’s regional initiatives in mega projects such as consultancy service, plant construction and investment in the fields of power, infrastructure, oil & gas. Toyota Tsusho has extensive and diversified experience of mega projects development for many years.

The department also handles trading of machinery, consumable parts for power plant and industrial equipment including spare parts and after services. Currently, we are the exclusive suppliers of the following products in the region.

  • Geothermal wellhead master valve by Kyokuto Valve MFG. Co., Ltd which is one of most experienced valve manufacturer in the geothermal field
  • Toshiba Injection Molding machine.

In East Africa, Toyota Tsusho Group is involved in the following completed and ongoing projects as typical example;

280 MW geothermal power plant in Kenya (Olkaria I Additional Unit and IV)


Supply & installation of ship-to-shore gantry crane for Mombasa port operations (berth 20)



Distribution of all electric Toshiba Injection molding machine

Business Development Department

Business Development Department explores opportunities for diversification in new business fields. We have ongoing projects in the ICT, Agribusiness and General trade. The department is seeking opportunities for expansion and diversification in various business fields in the region.


Solution for real time speed, travel time and immediate congestion detection on roads to reduce traffic jam

The department is seeking opportunities for expansion and diversification in various business fields in the region.

We also support Toyota Tsusho initiatives of supporting promising ventures in the region through the CSV (Corporate Social Value) Africa fund set up in Mauritius in 2012. The fund aims to foster businesses that can directly contribute to solving social issues in Africa while creating a bridge between Africa and Japan.