Message from Management


 “The time for Africa is now” is the trending phrase in various forums discussing economic development issues in Africa. This can be attributed to the fact that much of the continents resources including the vast virgin arable land has never been fully exploited to benefit the continents Economic growth.

Toyota Tsusho Group has purposed to not only become the No.1 Company in the continent, but has made it an objective to become the Right corporate partner in supporting social and economic development activities in Africa.

At Toyota Tsusho East Africa, we have the exciting challenge of seeking the Right solutions that will stimulate the Right economic growth in more than 13 nations in the larger Eastern Africa region, the horn of Africa included.

To achieve the above, we must continuously concentrate on Toyotsu Core Values and be guided by our Global Code of Conduct and Ethics while expanding our businesses in the three prioritized fields (Mobility, Life & Community and Resources & Environment). This requires a strong pillar of an enthusiastic staff possessing the Right ambition and passion.

The management therefore remains committed to harnessing teamwork, developing a motivated workforce while promoting fairness in carrier growth opportunities. We shall also provide a work environment that observes high safety standards and promote products and services that are cognitive of the need to preserve the clean environment in Africa as we strive to achieve our ambitions and share the rewards with all our stakeholders.

Finally, as mentioned by our Group President & CEO, we would like to extend our most sincere gratitude to all stakeholders for their longstanding support and understanding of Toyota Tsusho’s values.

We, as a team, look forward to strengthening and creating business relationships to build a successful African story.

Executive Management

Toyota Tsusho East Africa Limited